Janet and Wyon

Janet and Wyon Stansfeld

Janet and Wyon are certified laughter yoga leaders and facilitate the groups together. They’ve been happily married for years and have enjoyed and benefited from laughing a lot together in that time! You may know Janet as a singing teacher with a number of groups around Oxford which frequently involve spontaneous laughter. She’s also qualified as a dance and movement therapist. Wyon has spent much of his working life working with refugees and the homeless, and as a counsellor. Working with suffering has taught him the importance of being able to let go, laugh, and refuel.

Janet ‘Some of my best childhood memories are of laughing and giggling with friends and family. As I got older, like most adults, I tended to laugh less. Coming across laughter yoga was a revelation – being enticed into laughing with others, for no reason at all other than the joy of it! It’s great fun in the moment, and I’ve noticed after taking part in sessions regularly that I’m taking myself a little less seriously – that’s got to be good!’

Wyon  ‘I first came across laughter yoga in 2014 and was blown over by it, literally – I ended up a writhing heap on the floor. I turned up for the first session doubtful that anyone could get me laughing for no reason, and highly cynical and dubious about the whole process. An hour later I staggered away, aching, confounded and astonished, with an expanded chest and the gladdest of hearts. Since then I’ve been a convert. Laughter yoga is fun! .. and it works!’